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What's New with Jeffrey J. Scott


February 2014 was a busy month with numerous auditions and the completion of four films. I'm still in the process of adding new videos and pictures."Young Stan", an award winning film at the 2013 Southern California Film Festival was added to the Reels and Clips section. Please enjoy the entire film which is about 20 mins in length. I'm in the first two minutes of the film with Young Stan. That part was filmed at Cornwall on the Hudson, NY.


"Ashokan", a western film directed by Robin Richardson of SUNY-Purchase, NY where I have a cameo appearance as a farmhand. The shoot out scene was pretty cool and this was my second time working with Robin.


"Triumph of St. Valentine", a modern day short film directed by John Riggio of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ where I portrayed a homeless man who mugs someone. Even though I have portrayed the homelss numerous times, this was my first violent role as a homeless person.


"Help Wanted" is a silent film directed by Ammar Kric of The Cinema School, NY where I portrayed a homeless man looking for a job. It has a bit of a comedic slapstick element. A fun film to do.


"Hero", an Independant film directed by Kwon Oh where I portrayed and angry Deli owner who goes after a shoplifter. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished film as the concept was very interesting.


That's about it. I'm still attending classes at JP Studio where my Acting Coach is John Pallotta. Take care & see ya next month !!

March 2014 was a semi busy month with more auditions and the completion of one student film. I did add a new monologue clip from John Pallotta Studios Film Lab where I talk about ice cream. I also competed in the Manhattan Monologue Slam and performed a 30 second piece in front of panel of judges from the entertainment industry. Even though I didn't win, it was another great experience performing in front of an audience and judges.


"As The Crow Flies" is a film directed by Anthony Zukofsky of the School of Visual Arts, New York City. Filmed in Montauk, Long Island, In this featured role I portrayed a retired navy guy named Flappy. What a great cast and crew.


I just renewed my classes with Acting Coach John Pallotta who has taught me so much. Thank you John.


Well, that's about it. Be sure and check in at the end of April, beginning of May of another update. April is a busy month and I am booked to do 3 films and complete one that's in the works. Phew !!!  But I love it !! Take care.

April 2014 was a very busy month with three auditions and five student films and a small part in a new Web Series. I once again competed in the Manhattan Monologue Slam. A very neat pic was taken of me at this event. I also have a new Manager, Lorna Rainey. I hope to move forward in my acting career with her help. So on this rainy night, what better time I to let you know what I've been up to.


"Galilee" is a film directed by John Riggio of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. I had a Supporting Role as a Deli Store Owner. This was my  second time working with John Riggio.


"Mageia" is a film directed by Matthew Sadofsky also of Rutgers University. I had a Supporting Role as the communiity Wise Man.


"Far From The Tree" is a film directed by Nicholas H. Andre also of Rutgers University. I had a Supporting Role as Bruce, the father who had somewhat of a estranged relationship with his son. This was a film that I started in March and completed this month.


"Wile" is a film directed by Austin Rourke also of Rutgers University. I had a Featured Role as Man A. I'd like to tell you more but it would give away the plot. I will say that it's a film that women should watch.


"Friction" is a film directed by Dylan Kaplowitz of Brooklyn College, NY. I had a Featured Role as Demetri, a boxing trainer who is trying to help one of his boxers to follow the right path.


"Christina's World" is a Web Series created, written, directed and starring Christina Klessig. I am one of her past students and she gave me the opportunity to portray a Featured tough Biker in a frozen yougurt shop.


So as the end of another month comes to an end, you can see I was busy. I hope to get pics and clips from the above projects soon to post them. I did post cast pics from Friction and Wile.

May 2015 was a very eventful month as far as awards go. I was invited to film festivals at Rutgers and Adelphi University. Refer to the paragraph for April 2014 for directors names and film titles. "Galilee" won for Best Fiction. "Wile" won 2nd Place Best Fiction and "Far From The Tree" won for Best Cinemetography. The film "Heads or Tails" directed by Mara Bush of Adelphi University won 2nd Place and the Audience Choice Award. My congrats to those directors. It was a pleasure working with them. That makes 5 Award Winning Directors I've worked with.


The short film "Friction" is on my Facebook Timeline. Good luck to director Dylan Kaplowitz on the Film Festival circuit.


Once again I participated in the Manhattan Monologue Slam and I had three auditions so I have my fingers crossed for those.


I am going to a Film Festival tonight to see "The Smiley Face Killers" directed by Andrew Fitzgerald in which I had a small role as a NYPD Officer. I also get to meet up with Julie Chapin, a friend that I worked with on a past project.


Now it's time to move onto the next project where I portray a Court Judge in a short Independant film.  Bye bye to the long


Till next time...take care....and enjoy the summer.  Please give me a boost and check out my IMDb page !!


June 2014 was a bit of a slow month so it was nice to relax a little. I had a featured role as Terry, a restaurant owner in a student film titled "Here I Stand" directed by Hyunjung Moon of the New York Film Academy. Great cast and crew.


I also participated in the Manhattan Monologue Slam again but this time I was selected by the Judges to be one of the semi-finalist for the July Slam where I will compete for 1st Place along with five other actors. I hope to have your support and maybe even attend on Monday, July 21st at 6 PM. The voting is done by the audience members. The venue for the event is at This Theater (that's the name) at 154 W. 29th Street (2nd Floor), New York City. For more info you can write to  I believe the event is streamed live so you can vote by phone at that night.


I had three auditions this month for Feature and Independant films. I will also be portraying a Court Judge this month in a short Independant Film titled "Not Guilty". Please check out the trailer on Facebook and like if you didn't already do so. Just type in Not Guilty-Short Film. I cut the hair and really trimmed the beard for this  My new pic on the photos page shows it.


Well my compadres, you all take care and enjoy this nice WARM weather. As always, check out my IMDb page !!  Thanks in advance.


Oh......and I WANT TO DO A HORROR FILM !!!!  If anyone is

July 2014 was a good month. I had a few auditions and competed in the Manhattan Monologue Slam. I didn't win first place but as always it was a good experience. I want to thank my Manager, Lorna Rainey for coming out to be a Judge.


Speaking of Judges, I had the opportunity to portray a Court Judge (Harold P. Smith) in a short Independent Film titled Not Guilty directed by Jabari Clarke-Pennegan and written by Angelo King. A second trailer has been posted on Facebook. Not Guilty-Short Film. I also did a short Independent Film titled 1 through 5 which was directed by Kevin Vallejos and Nialaney Rodriguez. It deals with the 5 stages of grief. In the film I had the opportunity with my very talented classmate Carolina Verbova.


Well, that's about it for now. Off to study a script for a NYU film. Take care all and have a great week.

August 2014 was a quiet month as far a filming goes. I did have a parent role in a film titled Listen To Her directed by Tom Kim of NYU. As always, a great cast & crew. I also got to view the short film As The Crows Flies that I did back in March. Great job by director Anthony Zukofsky. It's always nice to see the finished product.


Now for the real exciting news. The film Not Guilty, where I portratyed a court Judge has been accepted into two film festivals so far. It will be shown at the Golden Door Film Festival in September and in the Oktober Film Festival in October. Congrats go out to the writer Angelo King, director Jabari Clarke Pennegan and the entire cast and crew for a job well done.


We'll see ya next month. Take care and have a great month.

September - October 2014  Wow !! Has it been two months ??  Where does the time go. Things have been pretty quiet on the home front. The film I told you about, Not Guilty.....well, it has been accepted into 5 film festivals to date and received two nominations. November will be a busy month attending these festivals. Still doing the audition route. There's something out there just waiting for me to jump on it. It's going to happen soon.

I've added some new pictures from the Chiller Theater event in NJ that I attended. I had the opportunity to meet some very nice people. Didn't take pics with all of them due to the crowd. Some other people I had the chance to meet and talk with for a few minutes were Linda Hamilton, Butch Patrick, Leslie Ann Warren, Diana Canova, Glenn Hetrick and Traci Lords. A special mention to Jimmy and Kristy McNichol. They were both very generous with their time.


So until next time, you all have a great month and bundle up. It's chilly out there. Take care

November - December 2014  Well, here it is, the end of 2014. These past two months have been pretty exciting. I had 3 auditions for a major prime time TV show.

I had the opportunity to work BG on House of Cards and BG in a feature film titled Essential Ingredients with Linda Lavin. "Not Guilty", the short Indie Film we did back in July has made it into it's 6th Film Festival. What a ride it's been.


Now the biggie. I had a Supporting Role as a school Principle, Mr. Hesh in Bite School, a feature film Directed by James Balsamo. I had the opportunity to work with James Balsamo again as he directed a music video, Angels of Dresden-Dooms Day starring Mandy Cat Kitana where I was a featured Businessman. Here's the link:


I had a Featured Role as a Doctor in a film titled The Slender Man. Directed by Eric Tremaine and written by Bobby McGruther of Stockton College in NJ. Bobby has graduated from Stockton and has asked me to be in his short Independant film which I will tell you more about in January.


I also had a Supporting Role as Phillip, a man who operates a boat repair yard as well as being the town handyman in a film titled Widow's Island, a Senior Thesis film Directed by James Tangredi of SUNY Purchase. I really enjoyed doing this role ( I'm a bit of a mean boss ) even though it was cold and rainy in the Red Hook, NY area.


Last but not least, I had the opprortunity to once again work with Director Jabari Clarke-Penngan ("Not Guilty") again on a short film titled "Kettle" in which I portray Detective Christie where my partner (Frank Merlino) and I are tracking a serial killer. I also did the voice-over for the trailer and have been asked to be an Producer. Laura Fay Lewis is one of the stars in the film. I also got to work with some good friends. Here's the Facebook link. Check it out.


So, that's about it for this year. It's has been very eventful to say the least. I've met and worked with some great people. Made many new contacts. Got to see some big names in action on the set and Linda and I have seen more of the Tri State area traveling from location to location. Now, now ladies, don't worry. I'm a single guy. Linda is my Subaru. She's about ready to turn 179,000 and I've had her since I got her new in 2002 and we've traveled the U.S.,Vancouver BC and Canada.


I want to truly wish all my friends, fans and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous & Happy New Year.  See ya in 2015 !!


January - March 2015


Well, greetings everyone. Boy, this winter has been a bitterly cold one. I did a few film projects and I did my first live stage performance.


First, a great start for the new year. "Not Guilty" won Best Short Film at the 2015 Viva Latino Film Festival this year. 


We wrapped the short film Kettle which I was promoted to Executive Producer as well as portraying the role of Detective Christie as previously mentioned. It has been submitted to numerous film festivals and has already been accepted into the Katra Film Festival and will be shown April 11th between 6-10:30 PM at 217 Bowery, NYC. I think it might already be sold out.


I'm background in House of Cards this season. Episode 11. I'm seated up and to the left behind Kevin Spacey in the debate scene. It was really great to see him in action. A very classy New Jersey native.


I'm glad to be working with Bobby McGruther again as he's is Directing a remake of a Stephen King short story titled Grey Matter which was published in 1973 and then made into a movie in 1978 with the Night Shift Collection. I'm a big King fan so this was right up my alley. We still have a few more scenes to shoot and we are looking for a location to shoot one of the final scenes. Looking for a Victorian style home in central / southern NJ.


I have always respected stage actors but now I have a profound respect for them. I was asked to be in a one act play titled The Archivist. Jason Jiang remembered me from an audition last fall at NYU for a student film and reached out to me. With a very short rehearsal time, The Archivist competed with other one act plays in the Manhattan Repertory Theater Spring Competition. The story was written by Nathaniel Drew Chapman and Directed by Diane Machin. It was an experience to say the least.


Vacation Time !!  See ya all the end of April if there's anything to report. Take care. Just a funny note. We had snow here in Northern New Jersey today, March 31st. Didn't the groundhog say six more weeks of winter ??  Not eight !!


April - December 2015


Wow !!  Has it been this long since I wrote ??  I'll make this quick. I updated my resume with a few new films I completed. My biggest credit this year was landing the lead role (Ben) in a feature film titled Porgies & Bass. It has its own Facebook page under Porgies and Bass Movie. Check it out.


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and I want to wish you all a happy and safe hoilday season. See ya in 2016.


January - April 2016


Alot has been happening during these cold winter months but Spring is here. Went to the premier of Pretty Fine Things, a film where I portrayed Dr. Filderman. It was a packed theater. The short film Porgies and Bass is being submitted to film festivals and I've done five student films for Montclair State and Rutgers Universities. Time for a break. Hope you all are well. Thanks so much for your support. See ya soon !!

September 2016

Porgies & Bass to date has been shown at the Woods Hole Film Festival in Cape Cod and Coney Island Film Festivals. It won the Best Short Film Award at the Coney Island Film Festival. It is an Official Selection for the Woodstock Film Festival in NY in October. It will be shown twice at the Woodstock Community Center. The showings are Saturday, October 15th at 9 PM and Sunday, October 16th at 2 PM

In other news I have roles in three upcoming Independent films. That's about it for now. Take care everyone.

December 2018

This year (2018) I've Written, Produced and Directed 3 Independent films. One Short Documentary title A Past Life and two features. A crime drama titled The PC and a horror film titled Loveland. The PC is currently on Amazon Prime Video and Loveland is soon to follow. A Past Life is still not available to view as it is being submitted to film festivals but all three have IMDb pages.

December 2019

Hi everyone. This has been a pretty quiet year as far as filming goes. However, my short documentary film, A Past Life is viewable on my YouTube home page and my two films, Loveland and The PC, both on Amazon Prime Video have had thousand of viewed streaming minutes. I have learned a lot when making these two films. Well, that's about it for now. Everybody have a great holiday and hope to see you all in 2020.

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